I was struck dumb and mute I was so excited! I read through every single entry in my Gratbook. I can’t tell you how precious this is to have. This was the best gift I have ever received for any birthday.

Dallin W.
I have read and reread my Gratbook many times. Each person’s memory is so dear and different and I treasure their thoughts about me with them. It may open doors and hearts if everyone received what others thought of them in a book.
Nina J.

What a touching gift! This is the kind of thing that I will keep close to read in the future to cheer me up – the kind words, inside jokes, and memories. I literally laughed out loud and smiled while reading through the grats! I look forward to submitting my own entries in future Gratbooks.

Matthew R.

What is a Gratbook?

Imagine words of affirmation and memories from friends and family collected in a book. We’ve created a portal to gather such ‘grats’ for an individual. In the end a significant gift results – your words. A Gratbook is an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone that appreciates words of affirmation.

Words as gifts.

Life gives us a unique perspective on the people in our lives. We may know someone for years without ever fully expressing the positive impact they have had on our lives. Life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or work changes are opportunities to compile thoughts to recognize an individual.

Imagine bringing together thoughts for a loved one from all stages of their life. Memories from your spouse’s lifelong friends, your father’s coworkers upon his retirement, your grandmother’s family members for her 90th birthday. What would these memories mean to them? These can all be gathered and presented beautifully into a Gratbook. Give a thoughtful gift. Give grats.

How does it work?

Sign up to create a custom webpage for the person you want to celebrate.

Share the page to gather memories and thoughts from those close to the person you are honoring.

We will download and format the responses into a Gratbook, printing and sending the book to you.

Deliver your Gratbook and feel the love as you give your thoughtful gift!

Your words are a gift.

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